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Door to door delivery services Print   Back >>
Personal delivery from the subscriber’s door to the recipient’s door of envelopes and packages weighing up to 35 kilograms, to 176 towns throughout Israel.

To all other towns in Israel, envelopes and packages are delivered every day via the postal units and mobile mail lines, but not personally.
The door to door delivery services are supported by additional auxiliary services: Bring Me and Double.
Please contact the messenger service at Tel: 03-5385908/9
How Much Does it Cost?
Rates valid as of 01.01.10
Number of items **
Item weight
Delivery in region
Intercity delivery
Up to 100
From 1 Kg.
From 1 to 15 Kg.
From 15 to 25 Kg.
From 25 to 35 Kg.
101 to 250
From 1 Kg.
From 1 to 15 Kg.
From 15 to 25 Kg.
From 25 to 35 Kg.
251 to 500
From 1 Kg.
From 1 to 15 Kg.
From 15 to 25 Kg.
From 25 to 35 Kg.
501 to 1,000
From 1 Kg.
From 1 to 15 Kg.
From 15 to 25 Kg.
From 25 to 35 Kg.
1,001 to 10,000**
From 1 Kg.
From 1 to 15 Kg.
From 15 to 25 Kg.
From 25 to 35 Kg.

*VAT will be added to the price according to law.
** The cumulative number of items for all door to door services.
The last day of the month for the purpose of debiting for this service is the 27th of the month.
Auxiliary services *
1. Second Item to Same Recipient: the rate for the second item in the same collection delivered to the same recipient is 75% of the regular rate. The second item will be considered the item with the lower weight of the two items.
2. Double: the rate for a Double service (collection of an item from the recipient at the time of delivery to the subscriber) is 85% of the regular rate for the subscriber.
3. Bring Me: the rate for the Bring Me service is the regular service rate with the addition of 5.78 NIS for each item.
4. Returns: the rate for returning an item is 85% of the delivery rate.
Various Rates *
1. Delivery of a mail item to the recipient’s address (emptying a mailbox)*:
For delivery inside the city, 26.70 for the first item
16.24 for every additional item to the same recipient during the same delivery.
* For an item, bag, letter or bundle of letters up to 15 Kg.
Note! For handling registered mail at a teller station, an additional 14.00 NIS will be charged.
2. Payment of bills at the Postal Bank – an addition of 100% to the regular delivery service rate.
The service includes return of the paid, stamped bills to the subscriber.
3. Futile visit (collection only). 23.20 NIS per visit
4. Messenger waiting at the time of collection and / or delivery: 17.41 NIS for every 10 minutes or part of them
5. Preparing a shipping bill 2.32 NIS per bill
6. Finding and sending a copy of the collection or delivery bills: 29.01 NIS per bill
7. Monthly subscription fee  
  Up to 3 deliveries per week 81.20 NIS per month
  One delivery per day 139.20 NIS per month
8. Delivery of an item in return for collection and return of a check from the recipient (collect service) 8.60 NIS in addition to delivery fee
9. Warranty
  Conditions for receipt of compensation
A. Warranty for direct damage only (loss, theft, damage).
B. Warranty for non-return of a return envelope in collect service is up to 100 NIS.
C. Warranty is given for items that are not fragile. Any fragile item that is sent requires receipt of packaging approval. There is no warranty for items sent without advanced packaging approval.
D. No warranty for items containing cash or cash equivalents or jewelry that were delivered without advanced approval.
E. No warrantee for damage to items that were sent or collected from service laboratories.
Monthly number of items Max. compensation sum per item
1-500 1,500 NIS
501-1,000 5,000 NIS
1,001-10,000 14,000 NIS
10. Dimensions and Weights
Maximal package dimensions:
Over 1 kg. – package height (c) will be no greater than 100 cm. Package circumference [c]ּ( a+b) 2+ will be no greater than 300 cm.

Up to 1 kg. – package height (c) will be no greater than 4 cm. Package circumference [c( a+b)2+] will be no greater than 80 cm.
Maximal package weight: 35 Kg.

Weight up to 35 Kg.
11. A delivery certificate in which the weight and type of service is not specified will automatically be charged for the maximal rate.
12. Payment is via authorization to debit an account. The service is provided based on credit, and above a certain sum a business guarantee is required.
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