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The registered mail service offers you two main components:
1. Confirmation that the item was sent.
  When the sender sends an item by registered mail, he/she receives written confirmation to this effect.
2. Having the addressee sign
  The item is given to the addressee (or to his/her representative) against his/her signature.
The service is available for letters, postcards and printed matter.

An innovative service of the Postal Authority enables customers sending registered mail to monitor the item that they sent until it is delivered to the addressee. The service is provided for items intended for 84 cities  in Israel.
Information regarding items that were sent may be obtained as of June 1, 2001

To monitor an item of registered mail that was sent

A number of complementary services may be added to the service. The complementary services are as follows:
Confirmation of delivery – provides the sender with proof that the mail item was delivered to the addressee
Fast Express – meets the need for the mail item to be delivered to the addressee quickly
Insured Service – permits the sender to insure the content of the mail item
COD Service – permits the sender to charge the addressee at the time of delivery of the mail item.
The service is provided at all post office branches.
Additional Information
You can find detailed information in the Postal Guide (Hebrew)
The manner in which mail is delivered to the addressee (Hebrew)

Liability and compensation (Hebrew)
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