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When you send a package, you enjoy a number of benefits: receiving confirmation that the package was sent, the package is delivered to the addressee against his/her signature, the possibility of receiving compensation in the event of damage or loss, and the possibility of using additional complementary services, as specified below.

Confirmation of delivery - provides the sender with proof that the item of mail was delivered to the addressee

Fast express - meets the need for the item of mail to be delivered to the addressee quickly. This service is not available for addressees in military units.

Insured mail – permits the customer to insure the contents of the package

Cash on delivery – permits the customer to charge the addressee at the time of delivery. In addition, the customer can request that the package be returned or that the address be changed in the event that the package was not yet delivered to the addressee.

Packages may be sent from all post office branches.
You must bring your identity card to the post office.
There is a discount on sending packages to soldiers.
How Much Does it Cost?
Ordinary packages - from one post office to another
  Rate in NIS
Up to 2 kg.
  Between 1 and 4 packages 15.50
Between 5 and 10 packages 15.50
Between 2 and 4 kg.
  Between 1 and 4 packages 44.80
Between 5 and 10 packages 30.00
Between 4 and 10 kg.
  Between 1 and 4 packages 44.80
Between 5 and 10 packages 30.00
Between 10 and 20 kg.
  Between 1 and 4 packages 65.20
Between 5 and 10 packages 40.00
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