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This new service enables you, the business account holder, to pay beneficiaries in a secure and controlled fashion and saves you having to send checks to beneficiaries.
Payment is fast safe and convenient for account holders and allows accounts to be updated immediately.

The account holder transfers to the banking service a file with a list of beneficiaries together with the details of the beneficiaries and the sums to be paid. The beneficiary provides identification at the Post Office branch and receives payment.

All the work is done at our offices: matching, data storage etc and thus you will be informed who has been paid and when. All updates are sent directly to your computer.

If you can not make online payments as described above, and you choose to transfer checks to your beneficiaries, the Postal Bank offers you a service to prevent the possibility of forgery of those checks.

Payment via checks to be cashed at the Postal Bank

The client transfers a file, via transmission or disc, containing the details of all the checks he has distributed.

The banking service cross references the checks that have come through the interbank clearing house with the data on the original file transferred to us, thus preventing forgery of the sums for payment
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