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Is it important to you to send a message that will arrive swiftly to the recipient, and delivered personally via courier?
The best way of doing so is by telegram, which ensures delivery within a few hours, on workdays, to most destinations in Israel
Now on you can send a telegram on-line 24 hours-a-day here on the Israel Post Website. You can conveniently order a telegram, in you free time, and we shall deliver it to the recipient on the date of your choice.
You cannot attend an event? Choose from the different styles of illustrated telegrams, suited to every occasion.
An illustrated telegram, includes a custom format and a color illustration, suited to special events such as a wedding, anniversary, birthday, birth of a child or grandchild, Bar/Bat-Mitzvah, get-well wishes and congratulations for end of army service. You can add your own personal greeting to the custom formats.
Destinations to which a telegram may be sent
On this website you can send a standard or illustrated telegram in Israel, in Hebrew or English.
If you wish to send a telegram abroad, please dial 171 to the call-center.
Delivery Times
When ordering the telegram and entering the name of city, details of days and hours will appear under the field, specifying the deadline for receiving telegrams that are to be delivered on that same workday.
Telegrams received after the time specified under the name of city, will be delivered to the recipient the following workday.
Information on telegram delivery:
* On work days, standard telegrams are delivered within a few hours, to most cities in Israel. The telegrams are delivered to the recipient or members of his household above 16 years of age.
* Regarding delivery of telegrams to settlements in Mobile Post routes and settlements in which courier service is not available: if the telephone number of the recipient is specified, the telegram is read out that same day; notwithstanding, the telegram is forwarded to the recipient in regular mail one day following the date of delivery.
* Delivery to banquet halls: the telegram will be delivered to the event manager, who will sign for receipt of the telegram and hand it to the celebrating person.
* Delivery to institutions (hospitals, hotels, courthouses): The telegram will be delivered to the reception office/secretariat, who will hand it to the recipient.
* Delivery to soldiers in IDF camps: The telegram will be delivered to the Unit Post Officer, who will hand it to the recipient.
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