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As of August 15th 2013, travelers’ checks may not be purchased at the postal bank. 

Foreign currency (banknotes) may be purchased in cash or by credit card (Isracard or American Express) The maximum purchase by credit cards is 2000$ or equivalent. 
When purchasing  foreign currency using a credit card an added fee is charged by the credit card company. The card is debited immediately.

Please note that the banknotes that are sold at the post office undergo a double inspection in order to ensure that they are not counterfeit before they are sold to the public.

At the post office branches you can convert travelers’ checks in the following currency only into shekels:
United States dollar, euro, Canadian dollar and Japanese yen

A list of companies issuing travelers’ checks bought from the public at post office branches:
Visa, MasterCard-Thomas Cook, American Express, City Corp

travelers’ checks may be converted into NIS at all postal bank's branches
How Much Does it Cost?
The service is provided with no commission and at preferential rates of exchange.

A commission is charged by the credit card companies for purchases of foreign currency.
For additional details please call 1-800-21-31-41
Additional Information
Purchase $800 / 800 euro / 800 BP or more in cash at the Post office and get even better rates than before!
The Postal Bank’s rates of exchange
List of branches where cash can be purchased
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