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Home Page > Envelopes > Elongated Envelopes


Elongated Envelopes

Elongated Envelopes

Elongated envelopes

Envelope dimensions: 11 * 23, according to postal regulations.

A silicone strip is used to seal the envelope.

Elongated envelopes are available in packaged of 10, 25 or 100 envelopes

Cat No.:14506

Additional Products

Large Padded Envelopes
Large Padded Envelopes
Envelope designed for sending delicate products.
Price 170.80 NIS
Elongated Envelopes
Elongated Envelopes
Envelope dimensions: 11 * 23
Price 6.20 NIS
Israel  Poland Stamp Sheet
Israel Poland Stamp Sheet
have a long and rich common history
Price 65.00 NIS
Robotic Guidance of Spine Surgery Stamps
Robotic Guidance of Spine Surgery Stamps
Robotics enables more precise surgery
Price 25.00 NIS
Robotics Collision  Avoidance System Stamps
Robotics Collision Avoidance System Stamps
Mobileye’s technology keeps road users safer
Price 25.00 NIS
Israel Securities Authority Stamps
Israel Securities Authority Stamps
This year, the ISA celebrates 50 years
Price 61.50 NIS
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