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Home Page > Gifts and Collectables > > New Philatelic Issues, April 2018 > Israel 70 Years of Independence Stamp Sheet

Israel 70 Years of Independence Stamp Sheet

Israel 70 Years of Independence Stamp Sheet

Israel 70 Years of Independence Stamp Sheet

As it turns 70, the State of Israel looks back with great satisfaction and proudly reviews the many achievements it has made along a frequently bumpy road.

On May 14, 1948, David Ben Gurion proclaimed the establishment of the State of Israel. 

Today, as it celebrates 70 years of independence, Israel is a developed country with a strong economy and high quality of life, the life expectancy of its residents is among the highest in the world and its political standing is stronger than ever. The State of Israel looks forward with a sense of hope and security and with faith in its ability to continue to strengthen the momentum of its achievements for an even better future.

Issue: April 2018

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