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new philatelic issues December 2019
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Building a Sukkah Stamp Sheet

Building a Sukkah Stamp Sheet

Building a Sukkah Stamp Sheet

During the seven days of the Sukkot festival, religious Jews move most of their activities from their homes to a temporary structure called a Sukkah, where they eat all their meals and even sleep at night. This serves as a reminder of the way Jews lived during the exodus from 

Issue: September 2017

Other Philatelic products issued in : September 2017

Cat No.:16923
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Additional Products

Selichot Prayers Stamp Sheet
Selichot Prayers Stamp Sheet
based on different ethnic traditions
Price 36.00 NIS
Second Hakafot Stamp Sheet
Second Hakafot Stamp Sheet
Shemini Atzeret, also known as Simchat Torah
Price 124.50 NIS
Shimon Peres Stamp Sheet
Shimon Peres Stamp Sheet
Among the founding fathers and pioneers of Israel
Price 21.60 NIS
ATM Life is Road Safety Set
ATM Life is Road Safety Set
ATM Life is Road Safety Set
Price 37.60 NIS
My Own Stamp Maccabiah Games
My Own Stamp Maccabiah Games
the third largest sporting competition event
Price 34.00 NIS
Israel  Poland Stamp Sheet
Israel Poland Stamp Sheet
have a long and rich common history
Price 65.00 NIS
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