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new philatelic issues December 2019
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Home Page > Gifts and Collectables > >Stamp Albums > Israel Spain Joint Issue Mini Album

Israel Spain Joint Issue Mini Album

Israel Spain Joint Issue Mini Album

Israel Spain Joint Issue Mini Album

In 2016 we will celebrate 30 years of diplomatic relations between Israel and Spain.

The peoples of Israel and Spain are united by a long mutual history. The establishment of official diplomatic relations between Spain and the young Jewish State marked both peoples' determination to open a new chapter in our relations, looking forward without forgetting the past. Our two peoples have much in common – the cultural and economic relations as well as growing tourism that have developed in recent decades reflect this bond.

The Bridge of Strings is a cable stayed bridge built at the entrance to Jerusalem as part of the municipal light rail project. It was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

The bridge allows the light rail to cross from Jaffa Road to Herzl Blvd. and also serves as a pedestrian bridge. It was 

designed as a modern gate and a new symbol of the city of Jerusalem.

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