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Frequently asked questions: I created an item label, why cant I see the barcode lines? Back >>
Dear customers,
If you do not see the barcode lines after issuing a item label, please follow these simple actions:
1.Download the font
In order to have the barcode printed on the waybill, you must download a suitable font. Without downloading the font, the barcode (a sequence of vertical lines expressing the items number) will not be seen. This will prevent the courier from picking up the items and will cause difficulties in tracking them. To download the font please click here.
2.Prevent the blocking of pop up windows"
*When the computers operating system blocks pop up windows, the item label cannot be issued. To understand how to cancel the blocking function, please click here. .
*Toolbars like Googlebar or Yahoo can also block pop up windows. Be sure to cancel the blocking function in those tool bars.
*Security software may have the option of blocking pop up windows, and in this case you should also cancel the blocking function.
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