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Frequently asked questions: What is not permitted for EMS shipment? Back >>

The following prohibitions and limitations apply to shipping through EMS:
*Prohibitions and limitations for air mailed postal items.
*The general prohibitions and limitations for sending postal items in general and to each specific country.
*The specific prohibitions and limitations that apply to the EMS service.
*Do not send through EMS such valuables as jewelry, cash (bills or coins), bearer bonds, deeds, gold, platinum, silver, processed or non-processed gems and any other valuable.
*The following items are limited / prohibited when shipping to all destinations:
AnimalsAnimal skins (wild animals)
Pornographic materialDangerous objects, dangerous substances
Personal objectsPlants
Tobacco and tobacco productsIvory and its products
Money and negotiable deedsAlcoholic Beverages
*Items which by their nature can contaminate, damage or injure people, goods or equipment.
*Contents which are illegal at the source country, transit country and destination country.
Items containing products requiring tax payment (such as gifts or commercial products), and items requiring special arrangements, security arrangements or licenses (such as the import of certain items), will be delivered to their destination only after being handled and approved by the applicable personnel / organizations.
The responsibility for maintaining government rules and regulations for every country lies solely with the sender. Shipments can be examined and may be delayed due to their examination by the authorities in source and other countries.
We reserve the right to reject or suspend any package not containing precise details of the sender and addressee, or any content which to our opinion is not feasible for shipping or which description is unsatisfactory or which is not packed or documented in a manner appropriate for shipping.
We reserve the right to refuse to ship goods prohibited by the laws or regulations of any country, violating the import and export laws of these countries, endangering employees’ health or our means of transportation, or those that in our opinion may damage, contaminate or injure other goods or equipment, or which shipment is unfeasible.
The Israel Postal Company shall not be liable for any delay which may be caused by the decisions of customs and security authorities in Israel and overseas. Please complete the customs declaration legibly and in detail.
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