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The following are the main reasons for delays caused by customs authorities in Israel and abroad: missing information, erroneous information or missing documents. Therefore, it is very important to enclose maximal information concerning the postal items content. For each content item please do the following:
When completing the customs declaration:
*For postal items containing letters / documents only, please specify Business Papers / Documents.
*Please provide a detailed description of the goods rather than generally stating Gifts or Samples.
*If the goods are sent to a private person, specify the persons ID number.
*If the goods are sent to a company, specify its company ID.
*If known, specify the products customs number.
*The goods country of manufacture must be specified.
*Provide information concerning weight, measurements, quantity and total value for each product separately.
*For exporter service subscribers only: if the shipment is returned export to Israel, this must be clearly specified.
*Documents must be enclosed inside the item label, between copies 4 and 5.
*Please enclose copies of the documents inside the parcel as backup.
*A bill must be enclosed to postal items requiring a customs inspection, as well as any other document that may assist in customs release.
*An original + copy of the commercial account, proforma account, import license and origin license (as needed) must be enclosed.
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