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* How can I create a new address in the address book?
There are several options for adding an address to the address book:
1.If you have a customer list and wish to feed them one by one in a controlled manner:
1.1.Log in as subscriber (registered customers only).)
1.2.Select the option Address Book (on the right).
1.3.Select the option Add an Address (on the top).
1.4.Enter the addressees information and new address, including all details. (An internal number is a piece of information intended for the users internal use such as: Internet order number, overseas customer number, invoice number etc.).
1.5.Ensure the information is correct.
1.6.Select the option Save.
1.7.The address is saved.
2.If you already have an overseas customer list and wish to transfer the whole list to the application at once:
2.1.Select the option Address Book (on the right).
2.2.Select the option Import Address Book (on the top).
2.3.A new window will open. Follow the instructions step by step and save.
2.4.All the addresses are saved.
3.If you wish to first fill in a item label and then save the address in the address book:
3.1.Select the option Create an Item Label (on the right).
3.2.Enter all addressee information overseas.
3.3.Ensure all information is complete and correct.
3.4.Select the option Add Address (to the right of the address).
3.5.The address is saved in the address book and ready for use next time.
* Can I delete or edit the information of an addressee after being added to the address book?
Deleting / editing addresses in address book:
*Select the option Address Book (on the right).
*Select one of the buttons Delete / Edit as needed.
Selecting the Delete button and confirming the selection will delete the address from the address book.
Selecting Cancel will cancel the deletion, and the address will remain in the address book.
Selecting the Edit button will open a screen allowing you to edit / add / delete address fields.
Save will save the edited information in the address book.
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