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A. Issuing a commemorative postal seal for a specific institution or organization constitutes state recognition of that institution or organization
B. Issue of a seal is subject to payment. An organization or institution can order a seal for envelopes or order commemorative sheets that it can give to dignitaries as a souvenir. These products can be received packaged in decorative albums to be designed in coordination with the client.
C. An organization or institution wishing to grant an original Israeli gift to clients or guests from overseas can choose from shelf products of the Philatelic Service or alternatively can order the Israel Album.
D. The Israel Album is an album containing a select collection of Israeli stamps chosen by the customer. The advantage of the Israel Album is that it can be suited to the taste and budget of the customer.
E. An organization or institution wishing to grant a gift to children of employees (birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, religious holidays etc) can build custom gift products.
For more details contact the sales department at the Philatelic Service
Tel: 076-8873949
Fax: 076-8873938

Featured Products

Science Oriented Youth Stamp
Science Oriented Youth Stamp
The program began offering expanded knowledge.
Price 177.00 NIS Additional Details
Mountains in Israel Stamps -Mount Meron
Mountains in Israel Stamps -Mount Meron
Mount Meron is one of the rainiest areas in Israel
Price 61.50 NIS Additional Details
Mountains in Israel Stamps -Mount Karkom
Mountains in Israel Stamps -Mount Karkom
The view from the top of Mount Karkom is beutiful.
Price 111.00 NIS Additional Details
Greeting Happy Birthday (Definitive stamps)
Greeting Happy Birthday (Definitive stamps)
The universal song is Happy Birthday to you.
Price 37.50 NIS Additional Details
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