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The Postal and Philatelic Museum opens its doors on May 19, 1998, as part of Israel's Jubilee Celebrations. The Museum was founded by the Israel Postal Authority, the Tel Aviv Foundation and the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, where the museum is located.
The Postal and Philatelic Museum depicts the history of the postal service in Eretz Israel as reflected in the historical, social and political changes in the region. The display includes elements that relate to the postal services in general and to the postal services in Israel in particular:
constant movement; human contact; transportation; the color red; the stag symbol; a childhood stamp album
-all these introduce the visitor to the many and varied faces of communication, an important, inseparable part of our daily life.
The exhibition integrates museum displays with innovative, dynamic multimedia devices.
The architectural design of the museum separates the display into three main sections:
The Opening Section- focuses on the postal history in the region from mid19th century up to the establishment of the State of Israel. The display is arranged chronologically, and unfolds like a historical gallery. It begins with the Ottoman period and closes with the Do'ar Ivri (Hebrew Post). Envelopes and letters, photographs and posters are displayed alongside mail boxes and telephones from days gone by. There is also a 1949 Ford on display, red of course, used by the Israel Post in its earliest days.
The historical background of transferring messages in Israel over thousands of years is dramatized through film and graphic exhibits. The animated film describes the major developments in the transfer of messages in our region throughout history as relates to two major aspects: means of writing and dispatching.
Visitors learn about the Postal Authority through a computerized game, "A Letter's Journey", offering a selection of game options. The different options demonstrate the services of the Postal Authority including the super swift and complex activities which currently characterize modern life. The method of display suits the contents - it is computerized and interactive, as appropriate to the modern methods of message transfer.
The Philately Section- exhibits subjects which come to life through that unique, condensed graphic symbol - the stamp. The choice of subject matter, design, manufacture and collection, as well as computerized stations, enable the visitor to survey a comprehensive collection of original stamps, using a magnifying glass. If a visitor is particularly interested in a certain stamp, the press of a button brings on a series of screens further describing the stamp itself and other related stamps. Additional displays include an enlarged "Stamp Album", open for all to view, displaying a chronological exhibit of a selection of stamps. The exhibit depicts the variety of design styles and topics which have changed in the 50 years since the establishment of the State of Israel.
A special section on the lower floor of the Museum hosts temporary exhibitions. This floor also houses a library, an exhibition of valuable and rare stamps, a lecture hall and an activity room for children.

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