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Payment of French Government Pensions to beneficiaries through Israel Post Print   Back >>
The Postal Bank enables its pensioner customers who emigrated from France, who are entitled to receive their pensions in Israel, to receive their pension payments in Israel directly into their accounts, without commissions and at preferred exchange rates.

All you have to do is open an account at the Postal Bank and you can enjoy the following benefits:
* Service without payment of a commission by the beneficiary
* Deposits are made directly into your account at the Postal Bank
* The Postal Bank has extensive experience in transferring pension payments from various countries, such as: Romania, Russia and Germany
* Numerous post office branches throughout the country
* Service is available in every post office branch

After opening an account at the Postal Bank, you must contact the French pension provider and request to transfer the pension to which you are entitled directly into your Postal bank account, and you must also sent them the Postal Bank details forms for Euro transfers.

Pension payments will be transferred via S.W.I.F.T transfer, by the French pension provider. The pension sums will be deposited into your account in NIS, converted according to the Check Buying rate on the day of deposit.

Clarification: the pension provider in France is responsible for executing the transfer and for the transfer sums.
Additional Information
For detailed information about the service, please call the Postal Bank’s Foreign Exchange Center, free of charge:
From Bezeq telephone lines only: 1-800-21-31-41
From any other telephone: 02-500-5313
To speak to a representative, call on weekdays from 8:00 – 19:00, and on Fridays and holiday eves, from 8:00 – 12:30
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