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Israel Post's export service puts you a step ahead
The comprehensive solution for commercial export
Israel Post's export service offers exporters a comprehensive solution for sending goods overseas. The service saves you time and effort and offers you particularly attractive prices with a monthly debit. Courier post subscribers around the country benefit from a range of services that enable them to put their mind to work while someone else does all the running around.
What does the service include?
  • Collection of post from your place of business
  • Preparation of an export entry and a certificate of origin
  • Representation at customs
  • Delivery of goods overseas via various routes – EMS express international post/ air mail/ packages by air or by seas/ sea mail
  • For EMS subscribers, Internet tools are available to manage your shipment and issue a consignment note online.
Something really important... insured service
When you send a package by post, you should be insured. Israel Post's insured service covers all direct damages caused by theft, fire, robbery or loss. Compensation for an insured package is according to the declared value of the item up to a sum of NIS 25,000, subject to changes as they may be published from time to time. (In the case of jewelry and custom jewelry, insured service is for registered air mail up to 2 kilos only)
How does it work
Preparation of export documents
Export entry – In order to produce an export entry for you, first fill out the list form either in handwriting or print. The form will serve as a draft for issuing a mechanized export entry. An invoice should be attached to the form. For export up to 6,000 Euro to member countries of the European Union a declaration should be included in the body of the invoice.
Certificate of Origin
For exports to Canada and the United States and for exports of over 6,000 Euro to member countries of the European Union a certificate of origin should be filled out in handwriting or print.
What needs to be sent with a postal package
The following documents should be attached to packages: an invoice in three copies, a red export entry completed in handwriting or print, a certificate of origin if needed and a consignment note according to the type of dispatch.
How Much Does it Cost?
Export services tariff
1. Production of documents and representation opposite the authorities Production of an export entry and certificate of origin, and representation opposite customs NIS 67.60
2. Insured delivery
Insurance for each NIS 1,000 or part thereof (Insurance is up to a value of NIS 25,000 per package)
NIS 4.90
  Jewelry for each NIS 1,000 or part thereof (when the contents is jewelry or custom jewelry – insured service is for registered air mail of up to only 2 kg) NIS 12.40
3. Overseas postage charge. Depending on the tariff, the number of packages, the weight of each package, the destination and the means of postage ( AIR, ECO, EMS)

For additional information mail    or call *9339
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