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Before you can request a visa to the United States from American Embassy you must pay for the visa at any of the Postal branches. The costs for applying for an American Visa application are:



Visa category

The most common category - tourism visa


B1, B2, F, J



H, L, O, P, Q, R








40 NIS

Courier fee

Acquiring A PIN code to Schedule an Interview with the American Embassy/Consulate in Israel (Jerusalem and Tel Aviv)
Tourists to the United States requiring a Visa and a personal interview will be able to acquire a Pin code at post offices in Israel to be used in scheduling an interview with the American Embassy in Tel Aviv or at the Consulate in Jerusalem.
The Embassy of the United States has enabled the public to acquire the PIN code at post office branches in order to facilitate the procedure and make it less costly.
As of April 10, 2008 the American Embassy will be implementing a new service which will allow the public to choose between two types of PIN codes to be used in scheduling an interview at the US Embassy in Tel Aviv or at the US Consulate in Jerusalem.
The Pin code purchased will be printed out on the customer receipt .
The Pin code must be entered when scheduling the appointment for the interview.
Applicants may use either a LIVE Service PIN or a WEB Service PIN.
The LIVE PIN and the WEB PIN are not interchangeable.

The payment is in cash only.
Each applicant for a VISA to the US must pay the Visa Application fee.
Up to 5 immediate family members living at the same residence may use one PIN code.
It is possible to use one Pin code for up to 5 people provided that they are immediate family members living at the same address. Immediate family members implies: husband, wife, mother, father, child, brother or sister.

Applicants whose interviews are conducted at the USA embassy in Tel Aviv are requested to pay an additional fee for sending their passport by courier. If, for any reason, they do not need to use the service for receiving their passport they are entitled to a refund of the courier fee. Additional information is available by contacting the Courier customer service at telephone number: 076-8870570/1.

How Much Does it Cost?
Paying for a LIVE PIN code – the shekel equivalent of  $27.50
Paying for a WEB PIN code- the shekel equivalent of  $22
Additional Information
* Applicants who paid the prior $100 (400-430 NIS) application fee and have not yet been interviewed must pay the difference of of the shekel equivalent  of $31 before they can be interviewed
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