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Digital TV Converter

Digital TV Converter

Digital TV Converter

Digital TV converter for reception of open television channels

Join the free television transmission revolution and save thousands of NIS.

Offer valid till the stock runs out – anyone purchasing a TV converter can purchase a computer converter (dongle) + remote control for an additional 49 NIS only (instead of 219 NIS)!
How can you enjoy this offer? Purchase a TV convertor, send a fax to 03-5575111 or email to to Telran company with the purchase invoice, product serial number and indicate that you wish to receive the product discount.
Send the fax or email within 7 days of the purchase date.
Telephones for additional information: 03-5575112/3/8 or 1700704747.

The special computer convertor offer is supplied by Telran company via registered mail for a fee of 19 NIS, or you can visit Telran’s offices at 10 Hasadan street, Holon Industrial Park.

After checking the converter’s serial number and purchase date, Telran company will charge the sum (49 NIS) for the converter and will deliver the product to the customer’s home within 21 work days from the date of approval.
The offer is valid until the end of February or until the stock runs out.

The digital TV converter enables reception of the basic television channels – Channel 1, Channel 2, Channel 10, Channel 33 and the Knesset channel – without any payment to HOT or YES.
With a one-time payment for the digital TV converter, you can view these channels free of charge, and enjoy high quality broadcasts with an option for recording, USB port and more.

USB port with an option for recording into an external memory device (PVR)!!!
Video ports: SCART / Composite / RF / HDMI
Full support for MPEG 4, MPEG-2, DVB-T, and H.264 SD
Coaxial digital audio port S/PDIF
Wide 16:9 or regular 4:3 broadcasting format
7 day electronic program guide
Automatic storage of features during a power blackout
Support for subtitles and Teletext (VBI & OSD)
Support for bandwidth 6MHz / 7MHz / 8MHz
Version updates available through USB connection
Convenient channel editing: name change, sorting, favorites, delete, jump, lock, move.
Automatic search and manual search
Child safety lock
Cat No.:25704

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