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Collection Pack

Price 14.80 NIS Additional Details
ATM labels Electric Locomotives
Price 37.80 NIS Additional Details
Jerusalem Booklet
Jerusalem Booklet
Jerusalem from Generation To Generation
Price 49.00 NIS Additional Details
Price 249.00 NIS Additional Details
    Product Name Product Type Price  
Collection Pack June 2016
Collection Pack June 2016 Gifts and Collectables 46.90 NIS Details
Collection Pack September 2016
Collection Pack September 2016 Gifts and Collectables 66.20 NIS Details
Collection Pack November 2016
Collection Pack November 2016 Gifts and Collectables 49.50 NIS Details
Collection Pack February 2017
Collection Pack February 2017 Gifts and Collectables 58.60 NIS Details
Collection Pack April 2017
Collection Pack April 2017 Gifts and Collectables 46.50 NIS Details
Collection Pack June 2017
Collection Pack June 2017 Gifts and Collectables 49.30 NIS Details
Collection pack  April 2018
Collection pack April 2018 Gifts and Collectables 102.00 NIS Details
Collection pack - May 2018
Collection pack - May 2018 Gifts and Collectables 54.10 NIS Details
Collection pack  August 2018
Collection pack August 2018 Gifts and Collectables 41.20 NIS Details
Collection Pack December 2018
Collection Pack December 2018 Gifts and Collectables 75.30 NIS Details
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