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    We are pleased to present to you:
    The Postal Bank's Visa Prepaid USD card.
    Safer than cash. A better deal than credit!
What is the Visa Prepaid USD card?
Visa Prepaid USD card will change the way you handle money when you travel. With the card you can
   prepay your planned budget (by presenting national I.D card or passport for foreigners and by paying  
   cash only), for safe and convenient use anywhere that Visa credit cards are accepted (such as: stores and restaurants world wide), and allows cash withdrawals at all designated ATMs. The card also enables safe Internet purchases (as specified below). The card is valid for up to 3 years and can be reloaded multiple times. Additionally, you can receive information about your transactions and card balance
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The advantages of Visa Prepaid $ card
The money on the card is safe. You can have peace
of mind when traveling abroad!
You can use the card to pay at business establishments, withdraw cash, and reload it.
The cost of the card includes the first cash loading free, currency exchange discounts, and more.
Purchase and reloading at all postal branches throughout Israel.
  Control your expenses
You determine the amount you load, so you can only spend as much as you planned.


Travel Insurance
Innovative and unique travel insurance, allowing you to enjoy a relaxed stay abroad.

For information about your transactions and card balance click here
Purchase and loading details Guide to using the card Charges and fees
Important information Terms of use Contact Us

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